Choosing your setting for NaNoWriMo

Holly Smith
2 min readNov 10, 2021


Image by Dollar Gill (Unsplash)

Figuring out your setting for your story can be quite the task. Maybe you want to create your own imaginary world or perhaps you want to write about someplace you visited. Either way the setting is one of the most important aspects of your novel. Not only should it set the tone for your story but it should work with your plotline to help your story make more sense to your readers.

If you choose to create your own world you have a lot more freedoms than authors who choose to write about a real location. When you create a world there are so many more options for what your fictional world can have. You can make up new races, new languages, new plants, new bodies of water, new skylines…literally anything you write about can be however you want it to be.

However if you choose to write about a location that does exist in real life please make sure that you are very familiar with the area! Sometimes Authors will write a story about a location in the real world that they’ve never actually been to, this can cause several issues mainly being that the townsfolk will not appreciate it. Imagine being unwelcome in the very town that you wrote your story about…

Research will be your best friend when deciding on a setting. Whether that be traveling to the town and staying there a few days to explore and take notes or learning as much as you can about a fictional element you’d like to have in your imaginary world. Good research can really make or break your world so make sure to take all the notes, use photos, visit the location if you can and just do you due diligence to really learn everything you can about your setting.

A good setting can really set the tone for your novel. Writing your story can become much easier with a good setting. Once you figure out the perfect location for you story everything should fall into place so make sure to take your time and figure out what setting works best for your story!

Hope this helps you find the perfect setting for your Novel! Happy Writing!